How to Spend Time with God When You Are Busy

TimeI laugh when I look at predictions from previous generations that the advances in technology would give us shorter work weeks and more leisure time. If anything, technology has increased the expectations about how productive we should be. We are busier than ever.

But what about God?

How do people with careers, families, etc. find time to spend with God? For some, the traditional method of taking a period of time for prayer and Bible reading still works. For others, not so much.

The great thing is that we are not locked into one way of spending time with God. We can pray outside the box.

Here are some suggestions that you can integrate into your busy schedule.

  • Choose a smaller section of the Bible to read daily. I used to feel compelled to read five chapters of the Bible at each sitting. The truth is that it did not do much for me. Why not just read one small paragraph before you go to work? Switch quantity for quality and allow yourself to think about that one section during your day.
  • Consider listening to an audio version of the Bible on your compute.
  • Listen to podcasts that are edifying to your faith while you are commuting.
  • Listen to worship music on your commute. You do not have to be in a church building to worship. Just don’t raise your arms and close your eyes when you drive.
  • Move your prayer time to the time you are in the shower.
  • Pray short little prayers during the day. Give frequent “Thanks God!” prayers every time something good happens.
  • Imagine that the Prime Minister (insert title for your context) calls you and asks for a meeting. You would likely make the time. See a devotional time as an arranged meeting with the King of the Universe. You will be able to make time.

These are just some suggestions, and I would love to hear what you do. I am not saying that we should condemn ourselves for not doing more. But relationships are worth investing in and if we can deepen our relationship with God, we probably want to do something.


If you are looking for a way to be more intentional in your Bible reading, you may be interested in my book, Genesis to Revelation.


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One thought on “How to Spend Time with God When You Are Busy”

  1. Stephen,

    These are good suggestions. Just a few thoughts on using a commute – my commute is around an hour each way, and it usually isn’t a taxing drive.

    One thing I have found useful is to use one half of one commute as prayer time. I (usually) listen to the news in the morning, on the first half of the commute. When I get to a certain area, I switch the radio off, or sometimes listen to a couple of worship songs, then switch it off, and then begin a time of prayer.

    I speak my prayer out loud (I commute alone). I find this helps my concentration, stops me from wandering, and verbalising something seems to make me more focussed on those who I pray for.

    When I finish praying, I simply keep the radio turned off, sometimes other thoughts come to mind, and I pray, sometimes I just enjoy the silence.

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