Preaching With Faith

I am in the middle of a short-term contract at Toronto Chinese Baptist Church. This includes preaching, leading an adult Sunday school class and participating in a Bible study. I have really ben enjoying it.

Because I have to leave fairly early to get into Toronto and I am there into the early afternoon, I have been going by myself while the rest of the family has been attending our home church of Queensway Baptist Church.

Faith BedardHowever, this morning I brought our youngest daughter, Faith, with me. Normally she doesn’t like long drives but she did great. She had a great time. It helps that she loves all things connected with China and so she liked seeing all the Chinese signs. The congregation were very welcoming of her and Faith loved it that she wants to come back next week.

So my good news for the week is that I had some great daddy-daughter time on the drive to and from church. Faith and I don’t often get these chances. It made for a nice Sunday.

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