Get Thee to the Poached Egg

This is an exciting time to be involved in apologetics. The internet, for all its faults, offers tremendous resources for apologists.

One of the the best is The Poached Egg.

Poached EggThe Poached Egg, created and operated by Greg West, is not just an apologetics blog. It is really a super-site that provides all the apologetics resources you could imagine.

What Greg does is search out what is already out there and then uses his site to bring them all together. He takes the best of apologetics blog posts and reposts them, including a link to the original post. That way, by visiting the Poached Egg, you can find out what is happening at dozens of other apologetics blogs.

One of the neat things is that the Poached Egg is partnered with Ratio Christi. Ratio Christi is an organization that resources Christians on university campuses to defend the Christian faith. It is a great cause that is worth supporting.

So if you are interested in apologetics, I encourage you to check out the Poached Egg. You will find plenty of material to expand your understanding of apologetics and the Christian worldview.

On a personal note, I want to thank Greg for supporting this website. He has shared many of my posts over the years and I really appreciate it.


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