Thankfulness Can Be a Pain

As of yesterday, I began having another sarcoidosis flareup (or that is when I began to notice it). What does this look like? My appetite has been down, I am more tired than usual (and I’m usually pretty tired) and my joints began to hurt. In fact, last night I had to get my cane out because my one knee couldn’t take any pressure.

This is supposed to be my good news post, so what is so good about this? What is good is that this pain is a reminder about how good I have been doing. While the fatigue has never gone away, I have been relatively pain-free (except for my back) for many months. My cane had gotten quite dusty from lack of use.

Sometimes it takes something like this to remind you how good you really have it. I know that there are other people with sarcoidosis who have it way worse than I do. In fact, I have had it way worse than I do now. I have not even used my cane today, although I am still feeling pain in other parts of my body.

So I thank God that I can be reminded of how well I am doing. This is my good news.

Good News


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