How the Busiest Person Can Find Time to Blog

I talk to many people who want to blog but find it hard to set the time aside. I understand that. At certain times in my blogging career, I have let it slip. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Let me show you a plan.

BloggerBefore giving my advice, I will put out two assumptions:

1) you think blogging is valuable and

2) you already have a blog. If the first assumption is not you, skip this post. If the second one is you, this plan may still help.

Here is how even the busiest person can blog once a week. Yes a weekly blog is still considered regular. There is no reason why you have to blog daily. The point is consistency and not frequency.

Monday: Take a piece of paper and brainstorm ten things that you would like to blog about. Put down the paper and do your busy stuff for a couple of hours. Then come back to your list and cross off the five topics that you are least interested in. Now you have your blog topics for the month. Take Mondays off from blogging for the rest of the month.

Tuesday: Look at your list and pick one that you are going to blog on this week. Spend the day just thinking about it.

Wednesday: Come up with a title (this may change) and write down a quick skeleton of your post. Nothing fancy, just the basics of what you want to to write about.

Thursday: Write your blog post. You don’t have to write it on your blog software or host. It can be in a word processor. Some like Scrivener because it does not have any of the bells and whistles that often distract. Do not check for grammar or spelling. Do not format or insert any images. This is to be a rough draft. Please note that you don’t have to write the entire post in one sitting. Break it up into three chunks to be done throughout the day.

Friday: Now is the time to edit it. Put your draft into your blog post. Make it as pretty as you want. Do the formatting, find your images, make it look nice. This may be the time to change the title that you came up with on Wednesday. Press “publish.”

There you go, an easy way to get a blog post out every week that will not interfere with your busyness. Even the very busy can implement this plan.

And remember, you don’t have to blog, you get to blog. Have the right mindset.

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