10 Canadian Apologetic Resources You Need

Today is Canada Day and so I thought I would highlight some resources with a Canadian connection. Canada has made some significant contributions to apologetics ministry. Some of the books I will share are either written by Canadians or by people who now live in Canada (which is almost as good). Make sure to check them out and Happy Canada Day!


Thinking? by Andy Steiger  (Canada) (USA)

Wrong Jesus by Greg Monette  (Canada) (USA)

Fabricating Jesus by Craig Evans  (Canada) (USA)

How We Got the New Testament by Stanley Porter  (Canada) (USA)

How to Talk to a Skeptic by Donald Johnson  (Canada) (USA)

Why the Universe is the Way it Is by Hugh Ross  (Canada) (USA)

Is the Atheist My Neighbour? by Randal Rauser  (Canada) (USA)

Biblical Exegesis in the Apostolic Period by Richard Longenecker  (Canada) (USA)

Evangelism for Normal People by John Bowen  (Canada) (USA)

Heroes by Andy Bannister  (Canada) (USA)


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