5 Things to Consider in Light of the SCOTUS Decision

Same-sex marriage is legal in the United States. Many people are happy. Many people are upset. Whatever the reaction, this is a major decision that will have a long lasting impact.

I am not interested in discussing the pros or cons of same-sex marriages. I want to talk about things that the Church should consider in light of the SCOTUS decision.

1. Be careful how you vent your anger. I understand that emotions are running deep and there is a desire to express those feelings. That is fine. But do not let your anger be the guide for your words and actions. Consider the long-term results of how you react.

2. People within the gay community need Jesus as much as straight people do. Will you let a legal decision get in the way of bringing people in the kingdom? Are your words and actions closing those doors?

3. Some Christians are happy with the decision. That does not throw their faith into doubt. Attitudes toward same-sex marriage are not essentials of the faith. We cannot let this divide the Church. Jesus prayed for our unity.

4. Remember that your words and actions are public. No one can afford to make an off the cuff remark. Any thing we say will show up in a news article, blog post or YouTube video. If you don’t want everyone to hear it, don’t say it.

5. We do not live in a Christian society. Yes, in previous generations there was a thin Christian veneer on the culture. But that is no longer the case. Christians should not be devastated when culture makes a decision that goes against the Bible. Neither Jesus nor Paul ever seemed to expect that society would be guided by biblical values.

I am not trying to tell anyone what to believe. But I hope you will consider these points as you continue to react to the SCOTUS decision.

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