Devotions: Hosea

A devotion based on Hosea 1:2.

When God called prophets to serve him, there was always a cost. It might be persecution, it might even by martyrdom. Hosea had one of the cruelest prices to pay. Hosea was commanded to marry a prostitute, a woman who would be unfaithful to him. It is not that God wanted to Hosea to suffer, rather God wanted Hosea to see how God suffered. The people of Israel were continually unfaithful to God and yet God kept reaching out. This was demonstrate by Hosea who continue to pursue his prostitute wife.

We would like to think that this story has nothing to do with us. The Church is supposed to be in a faithful relationship with the Lord. But if we are honest, we would confess that we are not always faithful. What are the areas of life that you feel you are cheating on the Lord? The Lord is faithful, what would it take to remain faithful to the Lord?


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