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This good news post is directly related to the last good news post. Last time I was thankful that the kids were going off to camp. This week my good news is that the kids went off to camp. Actually it is more than that, the good news is that the kids had a great time at camp.

When I first attended McMaster Divinity College, I arrived as a non-Baptist into a largely Baptist setting. Many of these Baptists went on and on about their camp experiences, first attending and then volunteering.

I camped a few times as a Boy Scout, but camping was never a part of my religious experience. Now I understand what they were talking about. Our children had a fantastic time at Camp Oneida. The leaders were great and the kids made all sorts of new friends. They can’t wait to go back. By the way, I do highly recommend Camp Oneida. We have had a very positive experience.

I am thankful that they are having this experience, not just so that we get a break, but because camp is building memories into them, and those memories are in a Christian context.

Speaking of the break, it was nice to have a week with Amanda. It was so good to be together and enjoy things we normally wouldn’t (like sleeping in!).

So camp is definitely is the good news for the week.

Camp Camp












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