Seeing the Progress

One of the hardest things that we have experienced in the past year has been our youngest son’s battle with mental illness. While I share a fair bit of personal stuff on this blog, I have not talked much about this, other than to acknowledge it was happening and to ask for prayer. Without giving details, I will say that it was absolutely horrible. There were numerous times when I confessed that I would rather deal with our two oldest children’s autism.

FamilyHaving said all that, I can now say that things are much better. We have not seen much of the worst behaviours that not long ago were daily occurrences. He is much quicker to apologize and to offer to help. He seeks out ways to calm himself down when he gets angry. He does not try to escape our family by going to friends’ houses. He often chooses to spend time with us rather than to go see friends.

Is he perfect? No, he still has mental illness. Plus he is a nine-year old boy with two younger sisters. Certain things will emerge out of that naturally. However, we are pleased about how far he has come.

I understand that there always going be steps forward and steps backward. Still, we will give thanks for what we have seen and enjoy it while we can. This is my good news.

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