I Love My Family

As I sat down to write my weekly good news post, I had trouble pointing to one event that stood out. As I reflected more, I realized that my good news is my family in general.

I am the first to admit we are not the perfect family. Even our pets are weird. But there is something special here.

First of all, there is my wife, Amanda. Amanda has had to deal with far more challenges than anyone ought to experience. And yet she continues to amaze me with her strength and wisdom. I am an extremely blessed man to have a wife like Amanda.

Then there is my children. I have blogged plenty about them. Each has their own struggles but I have seen some neat things. We had Logan and Abby over for a visit yesterday. When Justus came home and saw Logan here, he seemed sincerely happy. Logan went to him and greeted him in his own autistic way. Then they hugged and I beamed with pride. On Friday, Justus cut his finger and needed to get the cut glued at the hospital. Justus and Emma often have trouble getting along but when Justus came home, Emma hugged him and told him she loved him.

Sometimes I get caught up in all the challenges that come our way that I forget about the blessings we have right now. I have an amazing family and that is good news.


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