God’s Crime Scene

A few years ago, I was given a review copy of a book by a new apologist named J.Warner Wallace. I loved his Cold-Case Christianity and so I was happy when I heard he had new book coming out.

God's Crime SceneWallace’s God’s Crime Scene is written very much in the same style as his earlier book and they can be considered companion volumes. What makes Wallace’s books unique is that he draws heavily on his experience as a cold-case detective. Each chapter begins with a story from Wallace’s police past and then transitions into a topic related to the existence of God.

Most of this book deals with issues surrounding intelligent design, whether on the cosmological or biological level. Wallace wisely avoids controversies over young earth creation, old earth creation or theistic evolution. In fact Wallace’s arguments are based more on science and philosophy than on biblical texts. Wallace stays close to his focus, which is that the nature of the evidence points to a suspect “outside the room,” that is a being outside of creation.

Wallace also touches on issues such as the problem of evil and other related topics. He uses all of these to build a cumulative case that it looks like an Intelligent Designer is responsible for all that we see.

Not only is this book full of good information, it is also very well written. Wallace knows how to keep the reader’s interest. I read the book in two sittings, which is very unusual for me.

Anyone would enjoy this book but I would especially recommend the book to an interested seeker or a new Christian looking to strengthen their faith. It could also be used effectively for a small group study.

I highly recommend that you purchase God’s Crime Scene, a resource worthy of being in any library.

You can get this book from Amazon (USA) (Canada).

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