A Whole Bunch of Little Things

Sometimes I have something big to share for my good news post. That is not the case this week. But there were a number of little things that have made me happy and I can share them with you.

  • Amanda was able to make it out to Vancouver to visit her brother and his family.
  • Justus was all smiles when I dropped him off at camp today.
  • While waiting in line to register, Justus decided to encourage a girl who was there for the first time by telling her what he enjoyed about camp.
  • When I went to pick up Logan and Abby today, Logan greeted me with a big hug and a “Hi Dad!”
  • Emma was happy to see them and cuddled with Logan on the couch.
  • Emma initiated some play with Abby and Abby actually responded appropriately and with big smiles.
  • I watched Logan and Abby hug, demonstrating again how much they love each other.

These were all great things and I am reminded once again that there is always good news.


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