Good News: Making a Joyful Noise

FamilyOne of the best things that has happened to our children has been camp. They have spent a number of weeks over the past two years at Camp Oneida. What has really had an impact on them has been the praise songs.

Today we went to church. The first time we have done that as a family in over four months as I have been doing guest preaching. I must confess that our drive to church (which takes 35 minutes) is not always peaceful. There is often a lot of fighting and yelling among the kids.

Today they shared with us the praise songs they learned at camp. As a family, we sang songs like, Our God is an Awesome God, all the way to church.

When we got to church, the praise continued. Most of the time, Justus just watches the band, being more interested in the musical instruments than the songs themselves. Today, Justus belted out songs like Open the Eyes of My Heart and Great is Thy Faithfulness. It was wonderful to listen to.

Our family is by no means perfect, but if we can sing praises to God together, we are doing okay.

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