Trying to Find Good News

Two years ago, I began writing regular good news posts on my blog. They started as daily posts and eventually moved to weekly posts. The original context was that I was going through a dark time. Our son was needing to go into a group home (our second child to go into a group home) and at the time I thought I was dying (I ended up having sarcoidosis but it was pretty rough at that time). The purpose was for me to dig through the bad and find one good thing that I could share.

Here I am two years later. To be honest I am having a harder time finding good news. This may be a darker time.

I have a policy about not being overly negative. I see plenty of people on social media complaining about every little thing and it can drain the joy out of a person. I don’t want to be the joy-sucker.

But if I am honest, life is pretty rough.

I am not looking for pity for our family. There are people that are much worse off than we are. Yet sometimes I look at our circumstances and feel that it might be a little much. We have two children with severe autism living in a group home. We have another child with mental illness, who has been recently rejected by former friends. I continue to have sarcoidosis flareups, currently it is attacking my eyes. I have recently been diagnosed with autism, which is not necessarily bad but it is stressful. I have been without full-time employment for almost a year.  Things are tight. My wife, who struggles with mental illness, is currently in the hospital.

None of that sounds like a good news post.

My only good news is that I still believe that God is in this mess somewhere. It is not always obvious and there are many times that he seems distant. But I still believe. That’s the best I got. Hopefully that’s enough.

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2 thoughts on “Trying to Find Good News”

  1. Hey Steve,

    Life can suck. I hear your story and I wish I could help in a practical and tangible way. I can’t imagine the stress you feel. You and Amanda have borne and bore such a load that I too have thought that it is literally too much, and even unfair. Dealing with the fact that God allows us to go through things we can’t understand is a hard pill to swallow. This side of eternity, I guess it’ll never be altogether clear why some things happened as they did. But when there are no answers, there are still prayers, tears, hymns, hugs, warm embraces, friends. I hope you have some of this where you are. You should not – and are not – alone. I feel for you and your family. I wish I could take you out for breakfast or a Coke or a coffee. I wish we could watch your kids for a day. I wish we were, literally, closer. Be confident of this: we ARE praying, without ceasing, interceding on your behalf before our Heavenly Father. You are not alone.

    If you ever want to chat – or vent – you’re welcome to call.


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