Why Attend a Bible College?

What is the role of the Bible college? Should a person go to Bible college or should they go to a “real school”?

I was originally planning on attending a Bible college as I was feeling called to ministry. However, I was encouraged to attend seminary instead as I already had a bachelor’s degree. That was a good decision for me but I still believe in the Bible college.

Some schools that were Bible colleges have become a university college, or a Christian liberal arts college. In many of those cases that was a positive choice. But that does not mean that the day of the Bible college is over.

Here are some things to consider when thinking about attending Bible college.

  • Bible colleges seek more than to just grant a degree. They seek to prepare the student for life as a Christian.
  • Bible colleges have high academic standards and produce biblically literate graduates.
  • Many Bible college students are just out of high school and that is a formative time that can benefit from Christian community.
  • It is a safe place to move from “Sunday school” theology to a more biblical theology.
  • Many instructors are not only academically qualified, but also have hands on experience in ministry.
  • Bible colleges often create Christian friendships that last decades.
  • Some denominations recognize a Bible college education as meeting the requirements for ordination.
  • Bible college graduates go off to be pastors, missionaries, teachers, as well as mission-minded employees in secular fields.
  • A Bible college degree is very good preparation for seminary, the level of education that some denominations require.
  • Bible colleges are smaller than public universities or community colleges and so they allow for better relationships among students and with instructors.
  • Bible college can be a lot of fun.
  • Many Bible colleges offer a one year program to help students get grounded in the faith before studying for or beginning a career.
  • God has used Bible colleges for building his kingdom in the past and is continuing that work in the present.

Should you attend a Bible college? It certainly should be an option. But like any decision, do your homework first. Not every Bible college is the same. Look at their accreditation. Look at the quality of their faculty. Look at their reputation among graduates.

I am adjunct instructor for Emmanuel Bible College and this is one school that I can vouch for.


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1 thought on “Why Attend a Bible College?”

  1. Steve,
    Again thanks. Your topics vary widely and pique my interest as a result. Before I went to MacDiv I attended Booth University College (formerly Catherine Booth Bible College) in Winnipeg. I am glad I did considering my further education and present ministry. It was great preparation for seminary that if someone is headed into ministry I would recommend above a university undergrad program. If you’re headed for ministry you might as well start preparing with a Biblical/theological education at the undergrad level and suppliment that with seminary.

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