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In the past decade and a half, there have been a tremendous amount of books written on leadership, some better than others. It is a good thing that people are interested in growing as leaders. But there is an aspect of leadership that is often overlooked or at best is left as a footnote.

We cannot be good leaders if we are not leading ourselves.

Leading MeSteve Brown, president of Arrow Leadership, has written the book that leaders need to read. At the time I am writing this review, there are a number of high profile Christian leaders who have made very bad decisions. They were not leading themselves well. Steve Brown’s book, Leading Me, contains the principles that they and the rest of need to apply to our life.

The heart of the book are what Steve Brown describes as key practices:

  1. Growing Your Vision
  2. Identifying Bungees
  3. Keeping Connected
  4. Taking Care of Me
  5. Leveraging Your Impact
  6. Managing Your Time
  7. Dealing With Dandelions
  8. Finding Traction Through Training

While I would love to unpack each of these practices, I would rather that you read the book. I will say that as someone who has been in a number of leadership positions, including pastoral ministry, they all ring true. Each of the practices are common sense, but they are things that many leaders neglect under the excuse of being too busy.

A word about Steve Brown as an author. I have known Steve for a long time and I know that what he writes comes from his heart. In fact, he shares many personal stories that reveal that this is more than just leadership trivia. Steve is able to blend his considerable knowledge about leadership with a presentation that is very authentic and readable. You do not need a degree in leadership to benefit from this book.

I highly recommend Leading Me for all Christian leaders.

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Listen to my interview with Steve about this book here.

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