10 Things Apologists Should Remember

I am so thankful for the growth in Christian apologetics. There are so many apologetics books, blogs, podcasts and conferences. More apologetics information has gotten into the hands of more people. It is a great time to be an apologist.

As we get involved in apologetics-related activities, we need to remember the basics. Here are ten things we need to remember as apologists.

  1. God should be glorified in all that we do.
  2. Apologetics is not about winning the argument.
  3. How we present ourselves is as important as what we present.
  4. We must present the truth with love.
  5. Make sure our statements are true and not just convenient for our position.
  6. Our message must be grounded in the Bible.
  7. We cannot judge what God is doing on the inside by what we see on the outside.
  8. We are just one piece of the puzzle. We do not have to do everything. As Greg Koukl says, we should be content to put a stone in their shoe.
  9. We can’t afford not to pray.
  10. Apologetics benefits both Christians and non-Christians.

These may seem basic but it is often the basics that get forgotten. As we research the historical Jesus and the teleological argument, let us not forget the basic principles that will make the more advanced principles work.

Recommend Book: Mere Apologetics by Alister McGrath (USA) (Canada)

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