Two Major Milestones for Our Family

FamilyToday we had our regular visit from Logan and Abby. This is always a highlight for us. They bring a lot of joy and laughter to our home.

But this was not just any visit. This was the first visit since two major milestones happened in our family.

The first milestone is that Logan has just started high school. It seems like only yesterday that he had his first day of kindergarten and now he is in high school. He has grown into a fine young man. I pray that his high school experience is only positive.

The second milestone is that Abby turned thirteen yesterday. This means that we now have two teenagers. Again, I can remember well taking Amanda to the Brantford General Hospital to be induced.

In a way, these things make me feel old. Logan and Abby have seemed to grow up way too fast. But these are really good things. We are blessed to have Logan and Abby as our children. Their autism does nothing to diminish our love for them.

We are very proud of Logan and Abby and this is my good news.

Good News

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