1170 Reasons to Respond to the Jesus Myth

In 2006, when our book Unmasking the Pagan Christ had just come out, some people were confused by why we wrote it. My friends were happy for me but were confused why we would argue that Jesus existed when everyone already knew that. I knew that there were indeed people who doubted the historical existence of Jesus.

The situation has become much worse.

A recent study in the UK of 3000 people revealed that 39% of people thought Jesus was a mythical rather than a historical figure. That is 1170 people in that study alone. If that rate is accurate, the implications are truly frightening.

Many scholars hesitate to respond to the Jesus Myth Theory because it is so laughable. The problem is that real people are buying into it in some way.

That is why much of my ministry is focused on the Jesus Myth Theory. I encourage you to learn more about it. You can start with my Jesus Myth page. You can also get a copy of Unmasking the Pagan Christ (USA) (Canada). Whatever you do, do something to be ready with answer for those who ask.

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