How to Start a Podcast

Have you ever considered starting a podcast? If you are serious about getting a message out, podcasting can be an effective means. Podcasting fits nicely with blogging and social media in presenting what you value.

I am an active podcast listener. I travel a lot and while I enjoy music, I prefer to listen to podcasts. It really makes the commute more enjoyable. I actually am happy when I have to take a drive as it gives me time to listen.

I am also a podcaster. My podcast is Hope’s Reason: A Podcast of Discipleship. This is actually my second podcast, as I began podcasting my sermons at the last church I was pastoring. I have been enjoying podcasting and have been experimenting with different formats.

I would like to share some things that I have learned during my time as a podcaster.

  1. You need recording software. You can spend a lot of money on this but I use free software called Audicity. It is fairly simple and I find it suits my purposes. If you are going to use Audicity, you need to install a mp3 plugin.
  2. You need to find a podcast hosting site. There are websites that come with their own podcasting page and I use a podcast plugin for WordPress. However, I have used Podbean in the past.
  3. You need to decide what you are going to podcast about. Of course you can use your podcast as your personal audio diary and just talk about stuff. But if you are interested in building an audience, you will want to have some focus.
  4. Decide how long your podcast will be. I try to keep my podcast to 10-15 minutes. That is usually as much as I want to share and what my audience wants to hear. If your subject is a detailed subject, such as a history podcast, you may want to go longer. I will admit that I have stopped listening to some podcasts that I felt were too long.
  5. Record your podcast episode. Listen to it before uploading it. Consider deleting some of the “ums” and “ahs” from the episodes. You want it to sound like you, but you also do not want your listeners distracted from your message.
  6. Consider including music at the beginning or end of the podcast. I have used music in the past, although I currently am not using it. Make sure you have the rights to the music. There are people who will record original music for you.
  7. Experiment with interviews. Some podcasts are only interviews and others mix it up. I have found that my interview episodes have been particularly popular. One benefit is that the person you interview will likely help in sharing it.
  8. Make sure to submit your podcast to iTunes. Many of your listeners will subscribe there rather than at your podcast page. You can find out how to do it here. You can find my podcast on iTunes here.
  9. Let people know about your podcast. Publish your podcast episodes on social media. Share it more than once, especially on Twitter. Join a podcast group on Facebook to share. If you have a blog, share your episode there. You can embed it right into your blog post and take advantage of the audience that you have built up.
  10. Podcast regularly. Podcasting follows the same principle as blogging, you must be consistent. It doesn’t matter what your schedule is, daily, weekly or monthly, people are more likely to follow when you are consistent.

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