Hope’s Reason Discipleship School

Hope's ReasonFirst there was Hope’s Reason: A Journal of Apologetics. Then there was Hope’s Reason: A Podcast of Discipleship. I already had a blog, but it too was eventually named Hope’s Reason.

Now it is time for Hope’s Reason Discipleship School.

I have had a vision for a school for laypeople for about fifteen years. The time never seemed right, but the vision remained strong. Perhaps I just needed to wait for the technology to catch up.

With the development of online learning, I can now present courses easily from this website. My hope is to offer a good number of courses and then present a Certificate of Christian Discipleship.

What kind of courses will be offered? Here are some of the ones that I have been thinking about:

  • Apologetics
  • New Testament
  • Mark
  • Luke-Acts
  • Galatians
  • Disability and the Church

Obviously there needs be a wider variety for this to do what I want for discipleship. But these are the courses that I have the material prepared and I can put in course format.

Your first question will likely be: What is the cost? The answer is that the first course will be free and the rest will have a nominal cost to make up for the time and research I put into each course.

The courses will be available completely online and you will be able to access them any where you have internet. The plan is to get good biblical information to as many people as possible.

So be watching for Hope’s Reason Discipleship School and be praying that all the details work together.


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