Was Dionysus Born of a Virgin?

Some time back I responded to the claim of the Jesus Myth Theory (JMT) that the Egyptian god Horus was born of a virgin. The evidence demonstrated that Horus was not born of a virgin. But what about the Greek god Dionysus? The JMT is just as insistent that that Dionysus was born of a virgin.

What does the evidence say?

Things are a bit more complicated when it comes to Dionysus as there are different versions of his birth. I will look at the two main versions.

In one version, Dionysus was conceived through sexual intercourse between the god Zeus and the mortal Semele, daughter of Cadmus. Already the virgin birth is looking doubtful. Hera, being the wife of Zeus, was jealous and so she tricked the pregnant Semele into demanding that Zeus reveal himself in all his glory. He did and Semele’s body burnt up. Zeus was able to rescue Dionysus and attached the baby to his thigh until it was time for the baby to be born.

In the other version, Dionysus was conceived through sexual intercourse between Zeus and Persephone, queen of the underworld. There goes the virgin birth again. Hera was her usual jealous self and so she had the Titans (the race from which the gods were born) lure baby Dionysus and then rip him up and eat him. Zeus arrived and destroyed the Titans with his thunderbolts. Unfortunately all that was left of Dionysus was his heart, which Zeus attached to his thigh so that he could be reborn.

The problem with the JMT arguing that Dionysus was born of a virgin is that the Greek myths make it clear that Dionysus was conceived through sexual intercourse (you may want to read this post where I explain what the JMT really means when they say these things).

If you encounter a person who is being persuaded by the JMT, encourage them to read a book of Greek myths and challenge them to find the virgin birth.

Recommended Book: Unmasking the Pagan Christ (USA) (Canada)

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