A Resource That All Bloggers Need

I have been blogging in the area of Christian discipleship for quite a few years. It is important for me to keep up on biblical studies and theology to make sure that my content is accurate. But I also need keep up with best blogging practices.

It is not enough to type something up and hit publish. Unless your blog is just your personal reflection practice, you are going to want to write posts that people will read and find people that are interested.

One of the best resources I have found for blogging and all the the things that go with it is Problogger. The website has an amazing amount of content that will improve your blogging. I highly recommend you check out the site.

I am also very much enjoying the Problogger podcast. Darren Rowse shares very practical tips that will inspire you to blog better. He continually challenges his listeners to not be passive but to actually put into action what he teaches. I especially enjoyed his introductory series “31 Days to Build a Better Blog.” Even if you only listen to this, your blogging will improve dramatically.

So if you are serious about blogging, make sure to invest some time into exploring Problogger.

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