Holy Moley Things Have Changed!

The other night my son wanted me to read him a story (he doesn’t ask often). I took the opportunity to read a comic. For the sake of the child of course.

There was an old Adventure Comics digest in his room and I gave him the choice of what superhero story he wanted me to read to him. He chose Captain Marvel (Shazam). At that time in Adventure Comics, it was all reprints and this was a very old Captain Marvel story (from the Fawcett years).

I will admit that it was a bit silly and there were some major leaps in logic. At the same time, there was something really fun in it. I have found this in most of the golden age comics that I have read. There was a spirit to the stories that was refreshing to be immersed in. The world was simple and the characters predictable. I can totally see why superhero comics became popular when they did.

I am not arguing that comics today need to give up their “gritty realism.” But I won’t apologize for enjoying the old stories either.

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