Thankful for Queensway Baptist Church

My home church is Queensway Baptist Church in Brantford, Ontario. However, I have not been there much over the last six months as I have been doing a lot of guest preaching (and most of next month will be the same).

Today I was able to be there for worship. Not being able to be there regularly means that I get reminders of what a great church it is (absence makes the heart grow fonder). We are blessed to have a great lead pastor with Deane Proctor. I will confess that as a preacher, there are not many preachers I enjoy listening to. But I really appreciate Deane’s preaching, both in its biblical foundation and the vision to move the church forward. He is doing a great job.

But it is not just about the preaching. The church is a place where people love Jesus and each other. We hear lots of stories of what is happening with the teens and others. Personally we have been blessed by many people in the church.

Queensway will not be our church home for much longer. Why? That is a story for another post but we are moving. This makes me thankful for the role that Queensway has played in the life of our family and how it has been preparing me for whatever God has for me next.

You can read what my wife thinks about QBC in this blog post.

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