5 Steps to Becoming a Better Apologist

ApologistAre you an apologist? If you are serious about apologetics, you should be seeking to improve. Being an apologist is so much more than starting a blog and posting about apologetics-related topics.

I do not want to say that I know everything about apologetics, but I have learned something from my twenty plus years involved in apologetics. Here are five steps that will help you to become a better apologist.

  1. Learn to listen, not just to formulate a response, but to actually learn about the person you are communicating with.
  2. Make goals for what you want to accomplish in your apologetics ministry. Don’t just do stuff. You will never be able to detect improvement unless you have a way to measure what you do.
  3. Research in areas outside of your specialization. This includes other apologetics-related topics but also other subjects outside of philosophy or religion. Read books, listen to podcasts and take courses in a wide area of subjects.
  4. Develop relationships outside of the Church. I don’t just mean outside your local congregation, but seek out friendships with non-Christians.
  5. Work on your own spiritual life. Read the Bible not just to write a blog post or to develop an apologetics argument. Spend time in prayer and corporate worship.

I would encourage you to work on each of these areas.

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