The House is Up For Sale

My good news for the week is actually quite stressful. This week we put our house in Cambridge up for sale. Of course it takes much more than just throwing a sign out on the front yard. Amanda and I worked hard at finishing up the painting and trim work so that it would be ready. Amanda did a major clean and we are doing our best to convince the kids to keep their rooms tidy. The hardest part is getting the entire family (including the dog) out of the house during showings.

The most common questions that I get are why are we moving and where are we moving to.

Good NewsIn terms of why, it is not the case that I have another job. Although I am very hopeful that I will find a job where we are going, there is nothing for sure at this point. But the truth is that there is nothing keeping us in Cambridge. None of the jobs that I currently have are in Cambridge, so we have nothing to lose by moving.

Where are we going? We are moving to Niagara, most likely St. Catharines. St. Catharines is hometown for both Amanda and I. We both have family there. I lived almost thirty years of my life in St. Catharines. Five of the seven people in our immediate family were born at St. Catharines General Hospital.

The good news is that we are getting showings. People have come through and we are hoping the interest continues. While we do not have a deadline to move, it would be nice to have it sold sooner than later.

If you are interested in seeing (or even buying!) our house, here is the link.

For Sale

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