One of the Best Comic Book Stories

One of the best comic books stories that I have ever read was published in the 1980s. I was collecting the Legion of Superheroes at was possibly the best time in their long publication history. The writer was Paul Levitz and the artist was Keith Giffen (at my favourite stage of his various styles). Every issue was a great issue.

Then came The Great Darkness Saga.

Every issue completely had me. There was mystery. Who were the servants of darkness? Who was the Master of Darkness? What was the Master going to do next? How could the LSH beat him?

It ends up that the Master was Darkseid. Don’t panic if you don’t like Darkseid. This may be the best Darkseid story as well as the best LSH story.

The pacing was fantastic. The fight scenes were dramatic. I loved the ties to various parts of DC continuity. The LSH was often isolated from the rest of DC but this story brought it together without making it forced. The ending was satisfying and had the reader cheering.

The Great Darkness Saga may well be close to the perfect comic book story. If you have never read this story, you need to. Forget all the LSH reboots and spend some good quality time in the darkness.

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