What I Wish DC Had Done With the Green Lantern Movie

Green LanternBefore Man of Steel was starting off the DC Universe, Green Lantern was going to do it. It was an exciting time having Hal Jordan on the big screen, making us imagine the possibilities of who could be next.

Then people did not like the Green Lantern movie and DC started scrambling.

First of all, I didn’t think that the Ryan Reynolds Green Lantern movie was that bad. I did not like the way they did Hector Hammond but the rest of it was not bad. I thought Reynolds did a pretty good job and any weaknesses of the movie did not go back to him. I really liked the way they did the Green Lantern Corps and especially the set up with Sinistero.

Unfortunately DC got scared and wants to forget the movie because it did not do as well as they wanted. Instead they are going to reboot Green Lantern.

I will say that I think reboots are pretty silly. I remember when a movie series just rolled with a bad film. Remember how bad Star Trek V was? That didn’t stop them from making Star Trek VI (which was really good).

DC could have left the Green Lantern movie in continuity and just focused on a different aspect of the Green Lantern universe. It could have been John Stewart who would take on Sinistero. Or they could have recast Hal (again not that Reynolds did a bad job).

Now that DC has its plans for the next number of superhero movies, they better be prepared that one will eventually be a bomb. Are they going to reboot everything that doesn’t meet expectations?

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