How Should We Pray for Paris?

ParisThe world is in shock because of today’s terrorist attack on Paris. Our thoughts are with those who were injured or lost loved ones.

I was pleased to see on social media calls to pray for Paris, even using the hash tag #prayforparis. This is good and we should pray for Paris.

But what should we pray about? It is too easy to fall into the generic “I’ll pray for you” because we don’t know what else to say when something bad happens.

Here are some things that would be useful to pray for.

  • Pray for the families of those who died in the attacks.
  • Pray for the healing, physical and emotional, of those who were injured in the attacks.
  • Pray for the police and other authorities investigating the attacks, that they would find the truth.
  • Pray for the French government, that they would make wise decisions.
  • Pray that this would not lead to hate toward religious/ethnic groups suspected of being involved.
  • Pray that the French would defeat terrorism by their courage.
  • Pray for those planning other terrorist attacks, that God would touch their hearts and that they would abandon terrorism and violence.

Just these prayer items should get us through the next week. Let’s pray for Paris!

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