Preaching in My Hometown

Today, I had the privilege of preaching for the first time in my hometown. While I had preached at youth and young adult groups, this was my first time preaching a Sunday morning service.

This morning I preached at Queen Street Baptist Church in St. Catharines. Both Amanda and I were born and raised in St. Catharines and three of our five children were born there. It has long been a dream of mine to preach in my hometown.

While I had driven past this church many times, this was my first time being there for worship. The service was led by Isaac Martinez, someone that I went to seminary with almost twenty years ago. There were a number of other familiar faces, including Jimmy Au, who was very encouraging to me when I belonged to Brock Christian Fellowship over twenty years ago.

The people were very friendly and welcoming and it was a pleasure to join with them in worship and reflection on the Word. It really felt like a place where both God and people are loved. I hope to have more opportunities to minister with them in the future.

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