Jessica Jones: Season One – Review

I watched the first episode of Marvel’s Jessica Jones on Netflix tonight. I must confess that I have no familiarity of the comic book version and so I had no expectations.

The basic premise is that Jessica Jones had tried to be a hero but failed, at least in her own understanding. She is now in a dark place, suffering from PTSD and self-medicating with alcohol and casual sex. She has turned to a career as a private investigator to make money.

The series is dark. I would say darker than Daredevil. The episode does a good job of setting up the emotional turmoil of Jones. But not everyone will enjoy it. There is a lot more swearing and sexuality than the average superhero show. I actually thought they tried too hard to make it dark.

The actual story was pretty interesting, introducing a creepy villain and giving a the audience a sense of who Jessica Jones is. There is still plenty of mystery, including the origin and extent of Jones powers.

If you really like Daredevil, you will like Jessica Jones. Just don’t expect a Captain America tone to the series.

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