Purging of Comics But Not Memories

I have collected comics since the early 70s. While I quit collecting comics when I got married (2000), that still left me with many boxes of a comic books.

Now it is time for us to move and those comics cannot come. I spent the morning going through about fourteen boxes of comics. I have someone who is taking them off my hands but that doesn’t mean that they all have to go.

I went through comics and picked out a box’s worth of comics that I wanted to keep. I mostly kept silver age comics, plus a few story lines that I really enjoyed. I made sure to keep my Sgt Rock comics from the Our Army at War era. I also kept a number of first issues that I collected over the years. My son also took a box for himself.

While it is hard to part with so much of my childhood, I am glad that they will be enjoyed by other people.

Comic Books


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