Memories in Meaford

My good news for the week is that I had the opportunity to preach at First Baptist Church Meaford’s 131st anniversary service. Preaching at any anniversary service is an honour, but I especially appreciated this opportunity as I pastored this church for nine years.

One of the things that Meaford is known for is the winter weather and there was no disappointment as I drove through snow and slippery roads to get to the church. I brought my son Justus with me and he provided some special music with an instrumental version of Deep Purple’s Smoke on the Water on his electric guitar. I am sure that it was a first for this First Baptist Church.

I have so many good memories of First Baptist (and its partner church, Woodford Baptist Church). As I have heard of many difficult pastorates, I am thankful that I only had a positive experience with FBC. They were always extremely supportive of our family. They were proactive when our family hit some major events (death in the family, major diagnosis) and made sure I did not get burned out. They really are a model for how churches can work with pastors.

I really enjoyed seeing many familiar faces and missed seeing those who had passed away since my last time there. I thank God for First Baptist Church Meaford.



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