Why Exclusivists are More Tolerant Than Inclusivists

I am a Christian and I believe that Christianity is the one true religion.

Oh, and I am also more tolerant than you.

For many people, this does not make sense. One of the most common criticisms of Christianity is that it is intolerant. Why is Christianity intolerant? Because it is exclusivist, that is it believes that it is true and that other religions are not. So that means, people who are inclusive, that is those who believe all religions are true, are tolerant.

But is that true?

I believe in exclusivity and I believe only one religion can be true. I am not saying that other religions have no truth, I am saying that only one religion can be correct in describing the problem of humanity and offering the effective solution.

And this makes me tolerant how?

When I say that I am exclusivist, I am also conceding the right for my friends of other religions to be exclusivist. If you say that Christianity and Islam are equally true, you are taking something away from the uniqueness of Islam. Inclusivists are actually more insulting to Islam than Christians.

As an exclusivist, I respect Muslims’ belief that only the five pillars will be acceptable to Allah and Buddhists’ belief that only the eightfold path will lead to enlightenment.

Bringing all religions down to their lowest common denominator may feel politically correct but it is in fact very intolerant.

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11 thoughts on “Why Exclusivists are More Tolerant Than Inclusivists”

  1. Obviiously you are correct. Just think of all those Universalist Christians who supported so many Inquisitions in the past. People like Florence Nightingale, Clara Barton, etc.

    And compare those bloody Inclusivists with the peace loving Exclusivist Protestant and Catholic Christians in Northern Ireland, and he way they would march and wave flags through each other’s neighborhoods. Same as in India where Hindus and Muslims would march and wave flags through each other’s neighborhoods. No violence ever erupted in such cases.

      1. I was being sarcastic, of COURSE violence erupted in Ireland between Catholics and Protestants, and between Muslims and Hindus, and their exclusivist beliefs.

        Also, in Ireland we see Catholic children raised in parochial schools and taught how marvelous Catholicism is, and Protestants raised in Protestant schools, all of the schooling was exclusively sectarian in Ireland.

  2. You miss the point that Christianity was defanged in the west after the Enlightenment ideal of individual conscience in matters of religion superseded the previous ideal of trying to set up Christian kingdoms where heresy was indistinguishable from treason.

      1. Are you talking about the plea for tolerance in a book published anonymously, but most probably by Sebastian Castellio? Calvin tried to get Castellio arrested and jailed or even executed by writing to the ruler of the city in which Castellio lived. Not a lot of tolerance for tolerance back then. Enlightenment thinkers took the notion further.

  3. Inclusivists are more intolerant than exclusivists?


    Inclusivists are placing yet another option on the table of beliefs, and apparently exclusivist of all types hate this additional option as much or even more than rival exclusivist religious beliefs. So now Christians like yourself are trying to claim your views are more tolerant. Which is a typical reaction by black and white thinkers who can’t stand grey areas or the full depth of questions in religion and philosophy.

    1. Inclusivists are not placing an additional option, they are stating that all of the exclusivists are wrong. Not only that, they rob each religion of the right to believe their way is the right way.

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