Is Focus on the Family Promoting Abortion?

I have seen some articles very concerned about a pamphlet put out by Focus on the Family called, The Abortion Pill. The pamphlet, written by Dr. W. David Hager, gives information about the abortion pill, including how to take it safely.

Abortion Pill

Reading this information that does not come right out an condemn abortion is disturbing to some. Not only does the book not attack abortion, it actually gives instructions to safely take the medication. Some interpret this as a promotion of the abortion pill.

First, anyone who knows anything about Focus on the Family, knows that they are not in the business of promoting abortion.

This should tell us that we need to read the booklet carefully, understand it’s purpose and its intended audience.

Reading the booklet (which you should do instead of just relying on this or any other post), indicates that it is aimed at people who are seriously considering taking the abortion pill.

The booklet’s purpose is not attacking abortion or explicitly promoted pro-life arguments (although the pro-life message is there). It is written in such a way that a pro-choice woman would actually consider reading it.

The booklet provides helpful and accurate information about the abortion pill in an unbiased way. I actually think it is very well done.

Is providing safety advice for women planning on taking the pill really promoting abortion? Not at all. I am pro-life and yet I would hope that if someone took this pill, that they would do it in such a way that would not harm the mother even though the baby will die.

Before giving up on the book in disgust, you need to read the entire document. It ends with this:

As an obstetrician, I can tell you that an incredibly special and completely unique person is growing inside of every pregnant woman.

You can see for yourself, at the Mayo Clinic’s website, that just six weeks after your last period, your baby’s heart has already begun beating and he or she has the beginning of arms, legs, mouth and eyes. Visit and search for “fetal development—first trimester.”

Take time to consider all your options and get counseling from someone who does not have a financial or personal stake in your decision. Then choose well.

Do you see what the author is doing here? He is speaking to pro-choice women in their language. You want to be pro-choice. Great. Consider choosing life.

So the answer to the original question is, no Focus on the Family is not promoting abortion.

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2 thoughts on “Is Focus on the Family Promoting Abortion?”

  1. Thanks for the great articl,e Stephen. I’m in the middle of the firestorm that this has caused and have seen many responses from both sides of the debates. It’s nice to have a refreshing post that urges people to actually read and not simply react. Great job.

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