5 Mistakes Pastors Make

Pastors are just as human as everyone else. This means that mistakes are made. The first step is to just be aware of these temptations.

Here are five of the most common mistakes that I have seen among pastors (including myself).

  1. Taking it personally when a person/family leaves the church. Sometimes people leave a church because they do not like the pastor. More often it is a move or perhaps a desire for a church with different/more programs. Taking these events personally will wear out a pastor.
  2. Fighting every battle. Disagreements will naturally come up within churches. But the pastor should not try and fight every battle. Pick those few that are important and put your energy into those.
  3. Trying to please everyone. Sermons will always be too long/short and songs will be too many/few. It is good to listen to feedback and but it is impossible to make everyone happy. Make decisions that will be best for the church as a whole and come to terms that some will disagree.
  4. Misunderstanding timing. Pastors sometimes feel that God is leading them in a direction. But God does not always give the timing. Not yet does not mean not ever.
  5. Doing it all. Many churches still think the pastor is paid to do the ministry. The church is to do the ministry, the pastor equips the church in that ministry. The pastor can fall into the trap of doing it all by them self.

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