Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – December 2015

Here is the updated list of the top apologetics blogs. There has been some movement in ranks, partially because a significant number of blogs have been added to the master list. Here are the top ten blogs. Make sure to check them out. Congratulations to all the apologetics bloggers!

  1. Wintery Knight
  2. The Poached Egg
  3. Cold-Case Christianity
  4. Come Reason’s Apologetics Notes
  5. Apologetics 315
  6. Cross Examined
  7. Stand to Reason
  8. The Tentative Apologist
  9. Always Have a Reason
  10. Christian Apologetics Alliance
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6 thoughts on “Top Ten Apologetics Blogs – December 2015”

  1. Hi. What is your method for ranking these sites? Site visits? Google page rank? Something else? It would be very useful to understand the methodology used. Thanks, Jeff.

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