30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 2

Build a Biblical Foundation

When some people get a vision for apologetics, they may get excited about all the apologetics books that should be read. Those are great resources but it is skipping a step. Far more important than the best-selling apologetics books is getting a solid foundation in the Bible.

It is not enough to hear the Bible read on Sundays or finding a proof text for an apologetic argument. It is essential for all Christians, especially apologists, to know and understand the Bible. I have talked to pastors who preach every Sunday but have not read the entire Bible. This is a problem.

There are different ways to do this. One that I hear a lot about is a one year Bible reading plan. This is good, especially if you have never read the entire Bible before. There is no reason you cannot read the Bible in a year. When I was given the Lord of the Rings as a Christmas gift many years ago, I read the entire trilogy in a week.

But once you have read the entire Bible, I would like to suggest a different tactic. Ultimately what counts is not the quantity of your Bible reading but the quality. Consider picking one book of the Bible to focus on. Give yourself plenty of time to read it, tackling only a few verses or a paragraph at a time.

You can supplement this Bible reading by reading a commentary along with it. Although there are many great commentaries out there, for this type of reading I would suggest the NIV Bible Application Commentary. Not only do these commentaries contain good scholarship, they also provide application reflections that are very appropriate for devotional reading.

However you go about it, I urge you make sure that Bible reading is not just a side activity of your apologetics but is rather the foundation.

Recommend Resource: From Genesis to Revelation: A Taste of the Entire Bible by Stephen J. Bedard

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