Good News: Looking Forward to Starting

As I write this post, it is my last evening being semi-employed. Tomorrow morning I begin as the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church.

It has been three years since I was the pastor at Woodford Baptist Church and First Baptist Church Meaford. I wasn’t sure that I would pastor again but I am so glad that God opened this opportunity.

I have been blessed to attend QSBC for a number of weeks before beginning as a pastor. This has allowed me to see the church as a visitor would. It has also let me get to know people in the congregation in a more casual way.

As I worshipped at QSBC today, I really felt that God was doing something at this church. I felt God’s presence both in the singing of worship songs and the fellowship with the congregation.

Every conversation I have with people at QSBC seems to confirm that we are where God wants us to be.

Tomorrow I go to the office with boxes of books and pictures to hang in my office.

Tonight I sit in thankfulness for God’s goodness.


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