Good News: Back in the Pulpit

Good NewsI have preached a lot in the past number of years but today was the first time in over three years I stood in the pulpit as the pastor of a church. While I started last Monday, today was my first Sunday as the pastor of Queen Street Baptist Church.

I thought the service went really well. For the children’s time, I let all of the children hit me in the head (my son hit the hardest). I probably should say that I was wearing my army helmet at the time. Still I made it clear that the offer was open only to the children and not the adults.

I really appreciate this congregation. There is a real family feel to it, which is what Amanda and I were looking for. A highlight for me was meeting a young man with autism. He was raised in this church and holds a special place in the hearts of the congregation. He reminded me a lot of my children with autism.

I am so excited about God is going to do in this church. I am so thankful that God opened the door for this opportunity to minister together.


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