30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 13

Read a Book By an Atheist

If you wanted to know about atheism, what would you do? You might read a Christian book or blog post on atheism. There is a place for that but I would suggest that you go directly to the atheist and their writings.

There has been a major shift in atheism. Thirty years ago I self-identified as an atheist. My atheism was simply not believing in God and not caring what others believed. It was a live and let live attitude.

Ever since the September 11 attacks there has been a new atheism that is not satisfied with disagreeing with religion. These new atheists see all religion, including Christianity, as something dangerous to society. Even if religious people are not acting out in religious violence, their belief in the supernatural holds back society, especially in science. Or so they say.

There are a number of very vocal atheists that you should investigate. You should do it because it is important to accurately understand what they believe and teach. It is too easy to attack a straw man argument.

One of the greatest apologetic compliments that I ever received actually came from Richard Dawkins. This is what I found one day on Twitter.

This was important, not because he agreed with my review, but because he acknowledged that I understood his arguments.

My challenge to you is to read a book by one of the new atheists. It might be Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens, Sam Harris or some other vocal atheist. Take the time to read their work and evaluate their arguments.

Recommended Resource: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

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