30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 17

Read the Early Apologists

Who is your favourite apologist? Some may say C.S. Lewis, others Ravi Zacharias or perhaps William Lane Craig. We do have some great apologists active in the twentieth and twenty-first century but apologetics does not begin there.

There was a vibrant apologetics movement as early as the second century. No sooner had the Church been born and the Gospel proclaimed, that the Church faced theological opposition from within and without.

Some church leaders rose to the challenge and began writing apologetics works to clarify the Christian faith and respond to emerging heresies. These were people like Justin Martyr (100-165), Irenaeus of Lyons (135-202), Tertullian (155-230) and Clement of Alexandria (150-215).

These apologists were great men but they were not infallible. We can look back and wish they had said things differently. Still, they are an important part of our Christian heritage and we can learn from them. We shouldn’t try to emulate them in terms of content, but we should be inspired by their desire to know and proclaim the truth.

My challenge to you is read some of the Church Fathers, especially these four early apologists.

Recommended Resource: The Complete Ante-Nicene, Nicene and Post Nice Church Fathers Collection (Kindle)

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