30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 20

Read Some Contemporary Fiction

Apologists are not known for having a wide range of reading. Some may be stretching themselves if they are reading books on a number of subjects within philosophy. This may be an exaggeration but how much fiction do you actually read?

I could read Lord of the Rings (and the rest of Tolkien’s books) every year and be satisfied. But there is a place for reading contemporary popular fiction.

Understanding a world view is more than just reading the philosophical and religious texts of a culture. Much of what people value is seen in their entertainment.

What does a series such as the Hunger Games trilogy say about a society? What does a novel such as The Martian say about the value of a human life?

My challenge to you is to read some contemporary popular fiction. It may be in the area of young adult fiction (which really seems to be interested in post-apocalyptic ideas) or some other genre. Read the book, not for your own entertainment (although some of it is quite good), but to get a greater insight into how our culture sees the world.

Recommended Resource: Faith Today magazine includes in their book review section some reviews of bestsellers in addition to Christian book reviews.

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