30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 21

Study Hermeneutics

If I had to choose the number one need within the church, I would say that it is knowledge of the Bible. If I had to choose number two, it would be the need to interpret the Bible correctly.

It is wonderful when people read the Bible but it does no good if they are interpreting it wrong.

Developing interpretive skills is not just for new Christians. Too many apologists know how to pick out Bible verses for proof texts but do not have a good foundation in hermeneutics.

One of the important aspects of Bible interpretation is recognizing genres. We should not interpret Revelation as we would Acts and we should not interpret Psalms how we would Samuel/Kings. To make things more complicated, some books have more than one genre (e.g. Revelation includes both epistles and apocalyptic material).

Another skill is to interpret passages in context. The Bible is not a collection of individual verses dropped from the sky. When we read a verse, we should read it within its paragraph, within its chapter and within its book. When we read Romans, we should look to how Paul makes the same arguments in Galatians and 1 Corinthians.

My challenge to you is to go deeper with your understanding of hermeneutics. Do not become complacent because you have been a Christian for decades or have ministry experience. Work on those interpretive skills.

Recommend Resources: How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart and Grasping God’s Word by J. Scott Duvall and J. Daniel Hays

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