30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 22

Read Biographies

rp_apologetics-challenge.001-236x300-1-236x300-1-236x300.jpegChristians look to the Gospels to understand the words and actions of Jesus without thinking about their genre. The Gospels are considered to be ancient biographies. While not exactly the same as modern biographies, the evangelists saw this genre as the best way to pass on the life of Jesus.

Although we should focus on the Gospels, it is also worth reading other biographies, both ancient and modern. God has used men and women throughout the ages and it is worth our time to learn about them.

Too often we only see one event in the life of great Christians and we do not see all of the steps that led up to their moment of greatness. When we read biographies, we may see things that both challenge and encourage us in our situations.

The ideal situation is to find someone who has written an autobiography and who has had their life also recorded by another person.

My challenge to you is to read a good biography. It does not have to be on a person specifically involved in apologetics. It is also does not really have to be on a Christian. There are some great biographies on important historical figures that are just as helpful.

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