30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 25

Record Your Testimony

There is a debate among apologists as to the value of a personal testimony. Some would say that apologists should avoid subjective testimonies and focus only on objective fact.

The problem with this is when we go to Acts, we see that Paul chooses to share his testimony twice. He seemed to expect that it would make a difference.

C.S. Lewis, one of the greatest apologists of all time, says this in his testimony published as Surprised by Joy:

What I like about experience is that it is such an honest thing. You may take any number of wrong turnings; but keep your eyes open and you will not be allowed to go very far before the warning signs appear. (p. 143)

The key is to not rely on experience alone. Experience plus reason can make a powerful argument.

Every Christian should take the time to write out their testimony. But what if your testimony does not include a dramatic conversion? Some Christians seem to transition seamlessly from growing up in church to personal faith. That is a perfectly good testimony that needs to be shared.

My challenge to you is not just to write out your testimony, but to record your testimony and upload it to YouTube. You do not need special lighting or microphones. Just grab your phone and record yourself. It may take a few tries before you are happy but keep trying. This is a great opportunity to practice and you never know who you will bless.

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