30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 27

Integrate Prayer

What are the activities required of apologists? Reading. Researching. Speaking. Writing. Praying.


One of the most important aspects of apologetics is prayer. This may not always be highlighted and yet it is vital. Apologetics is not just a matter of presenting evidence and seeing results. There is a spiritual part that is needed for apologetics aimed at both seekers and struggling Christians.

When we read the New Testament, we see that prayer was a major part of what Jesus and Paul did. They assumed that all ministry was to be bathed in prayer.

There is a danger for apologists to be satisfied with our level of knowledge or number of degrees as being enough to make a difference. Prayer reminds us that we must rely on God for everything. Any major apologetics endeavour should be covered in prayer. It would be a good idea to even pray before publishing a blog post.

Here are some things that you can consider praying for:

  • Pray for your own relationship with God.
  • Pray that God would lead people to you who the Spirit has already been working on.
  • Pray that the people you talk to will have their minds and hearts open to the truth.
  • Pray that you would recall the things that you have learned.
  • Pray that you would know when to speak and when to keep quiet.
  • Pray that God would bring other people who will share the truth with them.

My challenge to you is that you will make one change in your apologetics ministry that will include prayer. Prayer is not to be tagged onto apologetics, it should be included all through it.

Recommended Resource: Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy With God by Tim Keller

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