30 Day Apologetics Challenge: Day 29

Enter into a Mentoring Relationship

Apologists should be life long students. Another word for student is a disciple. The New Testament has a lot to say about discipleship.

It is worth looking at how Jesus discipled. There seems to have been a fairly large group of disciples, at least seventy and probably more. Within this group, Jesus chose twelve that he poured his life into in a deeper way. From this twelve, Jesus chose Peter, James and John who received more attention than the other nine. After Jesus’ death and resurrection, these disciples had their own disciples and on it went.

What we learn from this is that there is only so much we can either teach or learn in large group settings. The smaller the group, the more opportunity there is to pass on knowledge. We also learn that there is a place to both mentor and be mentored.

What does this have to do with apologetics?

If you are reading this, there is likely another person who knows more about apologetics than you. There is also likely another person who knows less about apologetics than you. This is your opportunity for mentoring.

You may be knowledgable in biblical studies but not so much in philosophy. It would be beneficial for you to find someone to mentor you in philosophy. You must realize that mentoring relationships are not meant to last forever. They can last for only six months or a year.

Mentoring is traditionally done in person but it doesn’t have to. You can have a good mentoring relationship using Skype or some other technology. The goal is to be the best you can be. Get you mentor to read over your blog posts. Get your mentor to pray for you when you do an apologetics presentation.

My challenge to you is two-fold. First find someone who will mentor you. Look for someone who has knowledge or experience you need. Give them a duration for the relationship and suggest even half an hour per month. The second is to do the same thing but find someone you can mentor. There are people who need what you have.

Recommend Resource: Mentoring Leaders by Carson Pue

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